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Copeland Franco loses one of its founders


On November 4, 2015, Judge Truman Hobbs died at his home in Montgomery, at age 94.  Richard H. Gill, who practiced law with Judge Hobbs from 1965 until his appointment to the Bench, and who is now a senior partner in the firm Judge Hobbs founded along with Judge Richard Rives and Judge John Godbold, said, “The number of truly great men anyone is privileged to know is very, very small, but Truman Hobbs was one of them.  In his long life, he was a highly decorated naval officer in World War II, one of the most admired and successful trial lawyers in Alabama, a leader of the Alabama Bar, a great jurist, and, even more importantly, was one of the wisest, most generous and best of men in every regard.  When he was appointed to the federal bench, I remember a headline on the news story that read, ‘Most admired and popular lawyer in Alabama appointed to federal bench.’


“He was quietly one of the state’s greatest philanthropists supporting every kind of need in the Montgomery community.


“Everyone who knew him loved his wisdom, his sense of balance in life, and his irrepressible sense of humor.  I know of few men in any area of life who could, when listening to a difficult problem, invariably arrive at a fair, reasoned and balanced answer.  His sense of fairness was just innate to him, and whatever view you might hold, when Truman gave his response, you would inevitably say, ‘Well, that’s right, that’s a fair and just answer or solution.’


“He was my mentor, friend and surrogate father, and while I guess death at age 94 cannot be completely unexpected, I somehow do not want to think of this world without him.  Anyone who knew him was lucky; they are not likely to meet anyone else quite like him.”


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